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  • An Alexander Technique Gentle Awareness Listening Experience

    I would like to share a 13 minute awareness YouTube recording I recently published. Please click the link below and scroll down on that page until you see a Video to listen to on how to apply some basic tools of the Alexander Technique I present in my teaching. I hope you enjoy! Video Recording […]


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  • How the Alexander Technique Helps Massage Therapists

    The Alexander Technique can be used by anyone, as it is characteristically a method to improve the way we use our bodies in whatever we are doing. This may sound simplistic and in a way that is the beauty of the work. It is practical, accessible, and portable (you can practice it anywhere at any […]

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  • Preventing and Alleviating Headaches with the Alexander Technique

    There are many reasons why headaches occur. And I am not a physician—so I am not here to speculate on that. As an Alexander Technique teacher, I can only talk about how to prevent them from coming on, or manage the pain once it has set in. Tension is the language of the Alexander Technique, […]

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neck, back, shoulder, hip, knee discomfort and pain; carpal tunnel syndrome; tmj; arthritis; headaches; chronic pain; fatigue; breathing issues; flexibility; spinal syndromes; stress; tension; anxiety.