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  • Are You Someone Who Would Enjoy the Alexander Technique?

    Who comes to study the Alexander Technique? It is a unique body of work, a fascinating practice. I have been at it now for 26+ years (23 of those a certified teacher), and I’d say it is with me all day, every day. And I am so grateful. I am 58 years old, and I […]

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  • The Alexander Technique and Psychological Relief

    I was a dancer, and then I became a writer. However, the thread between the two was the Alexander Technique: my training, life practice, and teaching of it (now 26 years). Though most people study the Alexander Technique for the purpose of a “physical” application of some kind—whether it be to address a musculo-skeletal issue, […]


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neck, back, shoulder, hip, knee discomfort and pain; carpal tunnel syndrome; tmj; arthritis; headaches; chronic pain; fatigue; breathing issues; flexibility; spinal syndromes; stress; tension; anxiety.